Personal jewels of Kittos

Exhibitions and events in 2019:

 BAOL Atelier Creativo in Verona, via Sottoriva, 40

Goethemuseum Düsseldorf: “düsselGOLD” – “SO EIN THEATER!”

Schmuckpunkte Düsseldorf

gallery “” Düsseldorf

“Magic ring”

fashion show at BAOL atelier creativo

Kulturzimmer Düsseldorf

Information about Kittos

Under the Κιττός logo you can find handmade and personalized jewels created by Regina Maresch, jewelry maker and artist.

She has been working now for many years making very personal jewels, developing her own label and experimenting her artworks.

You are looking for your very own and unique talisman? Feel free to contact Regina to study it together!

Κιττός means ivy and the ivy leave wants to remember us that we are connected to nature. Sustainability is another important issue: every piece is handmade using recycled metals, your new jewel can be made of old ones in the respect of the memories they carry inside.

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