Personal jewels of Kittos

Exhibitions and events in 2019:

 BAOL Atelier Creativo in Verona, via Sottoriva, 40

Goethemuseum Düsseldorf: “düsselGOLD” – “SO EIN THEATER!”

Schmuckpunkte Düsseldorf

gallery “” Düsseldorf

“Magic ring”

fashion show at BAOL atelier creativo

Kulturzimmer Düsseldorf

Information about Kittos

Under the Κιττός logo one can find handmade and personalized jewels designed and realized by Regina Maresch, a German artist and goldsmith who lived and worked for many years in Italy. Already in her early years Regina felt the importance of studying painting and drawing and art history.

Later on she completed her formation with a classical training as a goldsmith in Munich. She has been working now for more than 30 years following every phase of her creations personally. You will always find sculptures and paintings that complete the research of the personal and personalized jewel – expression of the person, symbol of one’s life and talisman.

All jewels are handmade of precious metals like gold and silver, often combined, but also with other metals like copper, brass and bronze. Very important is the research for genuine and particular materials that becomes part of the realization of a very unique object.

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